Podcast Episode #4

Hi everybody, my name is Emily. I’m join today by my brothers Jeremiah and Joseph. And we’d like to welcome all of you to today’s podcast, Evolution is a lie, let us show you why.  Let me start by asking all of you a question. Did you know that God’s name – YAHWEH - is written inside every cell in our bodies?

*Jeremiah - What, God’s name is written inside my body!!  Is God’s name also written inside the bodies of dogs and cats?

*Joseph - What about birds, bees and bugs? Is God’s name written inside of them also?

*Emily - Nope. Science has proven that only people have God’s name written inside of every cell in their bodies.  Remember, the Bible says in Genesis 1:27 that God created mankind is His own image.  

*Jeremiah - Okay, where inside our bodies is God’s name written?  

*Emily - Watch the rest of our - Evolution is a Lie - podcast video and find out!

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