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Our weekly podcasts, hosted by youth, explains how God created all living things, including man, not by evolution, but by encoding each separately created species with His intricately 'planned design', DNA, from the beginning of time (Jeremiah 1:5). - Please share our weekly podcasts with your friends & family.

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Perfectly Created by God Podcast

Hello everybody.  My name is Jeanet and I have the honor of being your host for today's Evolution is a Lie! podcast.  God has also blessed me with the honor of giving birth to each of my three beautiful sons.  Like all pregnant mothers, I would wake up each day sensing the physical changes going on inside and outside of my body, but it wasn't until I watched the amazing video that you are about to see that I realized the meticulous planning that goes on every second of every day for 9 months inside of me and all mothers to produce each of our beautiful perfectly formed children.  Only our loving Creator could have planned something so perfect as this beautiful baby I am now holding.  Enjoy watching an inside view of God's Genesis 1:28 command for all mothers and fathers- "to be fruitful and multiply".

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Perfectly Created by God
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Discover Our Loving Creator

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